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The Catalytic Converter Applies to The Following Projects

Application Project 1

Products for OEM truck manufacturers
• Euro 4,5 catalyst,product like V-SCR,ASC
• Euro 6 catalyst,including DOC,Cu-SCR/Fe-SCR,CDPF,ASC
• Off road T4 catalyst,including DOC,Cu-SCR/Fe-SCR,CDPF,ASC

Application Project 2

Road vehicles
• Euro III vehicles are equipped with exhaust gas purification devices,   products are DOC, CDPF, some is V-SCR, Cu-SCR
• Euro 4/5 aftermarket, products are V-SCR, TWC
• Our overseas trading partner in Japan, Europe,etc, products are         mainly CDPF

Application Project 3

Off road vehicles
• Catalytic converter for off road vehicles, products are DOC, CDPF,     some is V-SCR, Cu-SCR
• Engineering
• Farm vehicles

Application Project 4

Industrial waste gas treatment
• Industrial denitration catalyst
• Industrial VOCs catalyst
• Customized products according to different requirements

Application Project 5

Industrial Denitrification Products
• Industrial denitrification device,products are V-SCR,Cu-SCR
• Waste incineration plant
• Stationary Source, Power Plant
• Boiler denitrification

Application Project 6

Industry exhaust VOCs
• Pharmaceutical factory H2O2 treatment, Mn catalyst
• Waste gas (benzene) treatment in chemical plants,DOC
• Petrochemical water treatment catalyst

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